Rainbows and Unicorns

I attended my monthly Vistage meeting last week on Friday.  Our chair is having our group read the book The Secret.  The Secret is the idea that everything you have in your life you have attracted to yourself, and anything that you want in your life you can attract through the power of positive thought and visualization.  For those of you know me real well, I am a self help book junkie, I love um, can’t get enough.  So The Secret is right up my alley.  Before our meeting the group was discussing the book informally.  I was really looking forward to hearing the reactions because I knew a few people were probably not going to latch right on to the idea. 

I haven’t told Terri yet, but she reminds me of my sister Kathi, almost to the tee.  So I was excited to hear her reaction because she has strong opinions and is rather animated, she admitted having some resistance to the ideas in the book and not really caring for the style of the writing.  Then she asked if I liked it and I grinned and said I did.  She said “I figured you would like you are very rainbows and unicorns.”  Lori sitting next to her, also an engineer, wasn’t really listening and questioned the rainbows and unicorns statement of which I laughed at and had to agree that it pretty much summed up my outlook on life.  Lori thought that was an offensive thing to say to someone.  Admittedly I normally try and down play my the world is a wonderful and caring place outlook in any business context because I know it may appear to not be a savvy position.  Although somehow Terri had seen through my disguise and called me out for who I am.

Each meeting our group latches on to some funny statement or concept and pulls it out as needed throughout the day.  There have been some crude things before if I recall correctly, something about socks in pants, anyway the rainbows and unicorns were used throughout the meeting.  For instance I shared with the group that I had made gratitude stones for our family shortly after my mom’s diagnosis with breast cancer to replace the worry dolls she had found.  The idea being carrying around what you are grateful for in your pocket will be bring more of that to your life.  Anyway, Michael came up with the concept of gratitude unicorns, it’s a good thing I am used to such quit whit - I never thought I would thank my brothers for their sarcasm, but as the masters they helped prepare me for the real world.  So gratitude unicorns - I believe this is a brilliant idea and if I can find any unicorns available cheap I may repackage and market them as such.  I can’t think of anyone I know who couldn’t benefit from carrying a unicorn around in their pocket, just the thought of it makes me happy!

The other interesting thing is that in the same day at the same meeting Michael called me greedy.  I don’t know what that is about.  That truly hurt my feelings, in rainbow and unicorn land we don’t call people names like that.  Although admittedly the discussion we were having that prompted that reaction from him did have me pretty riled up and us unicorns can get a little excited about the world being fair and good.

Well, I am excited to have a new way of explaining my outlook on life, and you know I couldn’t skip out on a blog title like Rainbows and Unicorns.  May your day be filled with all that you dream of.

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